Gatwick-Geneva on Christmas Eve!

On 24th December most Gatwick-Geneva flights were cancelled. With few flights on the 25th, what happened to the passengers?

Gatwick airport, London, is the busiest airport for flights between the UK and Geneva. However, on Christmas Eve, only two of the 6 scheduled Gatwick to Geneva flights operated : one British Airways, one easyJet. This was because of a flooding problem which forced the closure of one of the two Gatwick terminals.

So what would have happened to the passengers? Were they all booked onto flights elsewhere, with a transfer then from some other airport to Geneva, did they get flown the next day (Christmas day!), or did they claim a refund and make their own alternative arrangements?

For the single British Airways flight which was cancelled, it looks as if there was a special Christmas Day flight, which called in at Geneva on the way to Venice. No doubt, all the skiers would have got off here in Geneva!

easyJet passengers must have had more of a problem, since the UK easyJet company does not operate any flights from Gatwick to Geneva on Christmas day. It may even not fly any aircraft that day. So, did the passengers on the three cancelled easyJet Gatwick-Geneva flights somehow get here, and if so then how?

I would be pleased to hear of any experiences.

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