easyJet from London diverted to Lyon

Yesterday afternoon the easyJet flight from London Gatwick was diverted to Lyon, whilst a flight from Brussels circled twice over Geneva before finally landing.

It is not obvious what happened, but it looks as if the airport runway was closed between 8h25 pm and 8h40 pm, just after the landing of a business jet Falcon 900 of Comlux Malta. During this closure time a Belgian Airlines flight from Brussels made two aborted circular approaches over the airport, before finally landing at 8h48 pm.

Another consequence was that the flight of easyJet from London Gatwick circled for a while over the Jura mountains, before the pilot decided to divert to Lyon airport. This might suggest that the time of runway closure was then in some doubt.

After the brief stop in Lyon, the easyJet aircraft landed in Geneva at just after 10 pm. An unfortunate consequence for residents of Vernier was then that the return easyJet flight back to Gatwick was only able to take off over their (sleeping?) heads just after 11pm.

No doubt such incidents as these happen quite often and are easily handled by air traffic controllers. However, I wonder what the passengers diverted to Lyon were told!

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