Cornish pasties next year with easyJet?

Yesterday, 5 November, easyJet Switzerland sent an empty Airbus A319 to and back from Newquay airport, Cornwall!

The date of November 5, known as Guy Fawkes day and celebrated by letting off fireworks all over the country (and even in some places over here), might also be now known in and around Newquay as the first time that an aircraft from Geneva, owned by easyJet Switzerland, was seen at that airport.

Tuesday is a suitable day for trying out new routes, as it is the most quiet day of the week for traffic, including easyJet. It is also a fact that November is a quiet time of the year for flights: the Summer season is over but the Winter ski season has not yet started.

Newquay airport, also known as St Mawgan Airport, is actually quite an important base for the Royal Air Force. However, it does have a small number of civilian flights to and from London Gatwick (British Airways or Flybe), Manchester and the Scilly Isles.

Perhaps from next Summer we will be able to go to Cornwall to eat one of their famous pasties. In return, since Cornwall has quite a high number of second homes owned by well-off people, perhaps they might want to come here to see our fireworks in August. Or maybe to see how they might be welcomed by the Swiss banks!

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