Toulouse FC played Evian FC

Toulouse became another French football club flying into and (rather late) out of Geneva after playing in Annecy against Evian.

To come to play against Evian-Thonon-Gaillard last Saturday evening, 2 November, the Toulouse club chartered an Embraer ERJ 135 of Eastern Airways: a company originally set up in Britain but which now has a subsidiary based in France. The aircraft arrived in Geneva just before midday, then left again just before midnight. Fortunately (or the residents of Vernier), it is an aircraft relatively silent.

The players might not have particularly enjoyed the return journey. After leading 1-0 early in the second half of the match, Evian equalised in the 61st minute and then snatched the winner three minutes into injury time. This should considerably help Evian in their constant fight to stay in the top division of the French league.

A curiosity of the Eastern Airways flight was that the aircraft has a modern transponder, which constantly emits signals giving its precise location (GPS latitude and longitude). However, whenever it is fairly close to the airport of departure or arrival, this location is switched off. This would seem to be perhaps a security measure, and one can suppose that it may also be used by other companies running charter flights. Some might even never allow GPS location information to be transmitted.

Since the Geneva airport did not show any information on the flight, it would have been hard for Toulouse supporters in Geneva to know when go to the airport and welcome their heroes.

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