An Airbus A320 from an Iran airline

Yesterday, Geneva airport welcomed a passenger flight of the Iranian airline Meraj. Where did it come from and why?

The aircraft, an Airbus A321, flew into Geneva yesterday, 7 October, at 8h09 pm. It seems to have come from Belgrade, but almost certainly was originally from Teheran. It did not appear on the incoming flights list, but used a flight code MRJ03, which now belongs to a fairly new Iranian airline called Meraj Airlines. It is certainly the first big Iranian passenger aircraft to come here since the IRAN Air flights to and from Teheran were stopped two years ago. Since then, the only Iranian aircraft was a small Falcon 50 of the Iranian Government at the end of February 2012.

This would appear to be a special flight because of the fact that the aircraft concerned, registered as EP-AGB, is listed by a plane spotters association as being configured for VIPs. However, the size of the aircraft, which is listed as being able to carry from 185 to 220 passengers, would make it likely that there could easily have been around 50 passengers. A sizable delegation, which might possibly be related either to Iran's nuclear capabilities or to a forthcoming conference on Syria.

I wonder !


Vous n'avez pas vu les quartiers chauds et les bordels de Genève soudain se remplir d'enturbannés ?

Ils se réunissent tous à Genève pour leur sommet dans les caves humides pour faire briller les islams les plus armés !

Mais pas un mot, ils sont aussi tous clients des banques en manques de tricheurs de fisc européens !

Posted by: Corto | 10/09/2013

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