Flights from blame to iniquity!

The flight of a serial rapist with a female psychologist went to iniquity with her assassination. More flights from blame will follow.

When I first heard that the Geneva social services had sent out a female psychologist with a serial rapist, and that the two people were missing, I was probably not alone in thinking "what the f*** did they think they were doing?". Then when her body was found within walking distance of Versoix,where I live, I felt shock and immense sadness, but very little surprise. The emotionless attempts of the political masters who, when interviewed on the TV news programme, refused to admit any errors, made it obvious that everyone would now be starting the flight from blame game, otherwise known as CYA : cover your a**. We have seen this game so often in other cases, both in Switzerland and in Britain, that we know what to expect.

The administrators and officials in the Geneva social services will claim that after listening to the advice of all their experts they ticked all the boxes that they were supposed to tick. The fact is that anyone with the meanest of intelligence, asked whether they would let an attractive young lady in their family go off alone with a man convicted of two brutal rapes, would scream out NO! I wonder if the person who actually signed the final release form ever asked himself or herself this simple question!

Next, the psychology experts with their expert opinion. I have always felt that too many experts have grown to think they are almost always, even always, right in their assessments of situations. Probably these particular experts are highly intelligent, have lots of experience and think that they are too clever to be wrong in their assessment of a person. Perhaps they might care to remember the occasions where extremely intelligent financial wizards were fooled by people who looked good and spoke nicely before removing lots of their money (Bernard Madoff is the best known fooler, but there are others).

Now we will get the politicians, in my book worse than those experts: rather than merely thinking that they are always right, many of them simply know that they are always right. I was told that that the famous actor Peter Ustinov once said that he had never wanted to enter politics because he would have hated being right all the time. The politicians' attitudes will, knowingly or unknowingly, be shaped by the upcoming elections, but they will never admit to having been wrong. Some will try to put a lid on things, claiming not to be able to comment before a thorough investigation has taken place, hoping that we will soon forget. Others will use the affair to attack their political opponents.

Lastly, there will be an independent review, which will find multifarious causes for what happened but none that will pin enough blame on any single individual to require that individual to be fired or severely disciplined. There will, of course, not be any public prosecutions, nor will these conclusions be enough to encourage anyone into bringing a private prosecution for gross failures leading up to the assassination.

I also fault this paper for not having had the courage to allow comments on articles about this tragedy: they should have let Geneva people have their say! I had to turn to the site of Le Matin to find the reactions of ordinary people to this latest Geneva SNAFU (Genferei!). It is also a pity that the administrators, psychology experts and politicians involved in this tragedy are not forced to read all comments and to reply to each and every one.

To sum it up, we seem to be moving to the scenario of the Good Samaritan who, when stopping by the side of the victim of a brutal attack, says to the victim

Whoever did this to you needs my help!

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