Unusual long distanced arrivals

Today, 12 September, there will be unusual US and Russian aircraft arriving. Recently we also saw a Thai Airbus A340.

With the summit meeting between the Americans and the Russians on the Syria conflict, we will see some aircraft which we rarely, if ever, see. However, unusual aircraft from far afield often come here without being indicated on the standard arrivals and departures list.

Last Sunday, 8 September, a keen spotter saw the arrival of the big Airbus A340 of Thai Airways International. He even managed a video of it, so I imagine that he somehow knew in advance that it was coming.

I think that the Thai aircraft came direct from Bangkok, and that it left on the Tuesday to go to Zurich and then back to Asia. I have no idea why it came here, though I wonder if it is related to a desire of Geneva airport to expand direct connections to Asia.

No doubt the same plane spotter who took the video will be camped somewhere close to the runway today!

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