Be quiet in Thoune football stadium

FC Thoune football stadium capacity is normally limited to 6000 , but will be higher when Thoune play in the Europa League.

The FC Thoune football club will be playing in the Europa league this season, and UEFA regulations require a stadium with at least 8000 places. However, in order not to cause excessive noise for people living around the stadium, the capacity is normally restricted to 6000 maximum. Following a request from FC Thoune, Swiss local authorities have given the club permission to raise the capacity for the three matches to be played this year.

In a similar manner, when some matches of the European Nations competition were played in Geneva, the airport was given permission to schedule extra night flights after the normal closure hour.

Unfortunately, there is no statutory restriction on the number of night flights allowed at Geneva airport. Attempts to bring in any sort of limitation are fought against tooth and nail by Geneva airport, who claim that aircraft are getting quieter.

Maybe, if Thoune football fans would promise to make less noise, their capacity restriction of 6000 could be lifted!

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