When Evian play at home Vernier loses!

When Evian Thonon Gaillard football team play at home, the visitors sometimes come by charter flight but leave late.

Last season the Lille football team, when playing against Evian Thonon Gaillard in the top french football league, has been known to come to Geneva in a flight chartered by Sun Air of Scandinavia, play the match then leave the same night. Yesterday, 24 August, the visitors were Rennes, who seem to have decided to use the same charter company.

Although Evian, whose ground is not acceptable to the football authorities in France, would have liked to play their home games in Geneva, this request has been refused by the french football federation. They therefore play their home games at Annecy.

After Lille, it seems that Rennes also have decided that the nice way to come here is to charter an aircraft from Sun Air of Scandinavia and fly here the afternoon before the match. The team can then go to spend the night in a hotel near Annecy before playing the match.

When the match is played at night, as was the Evian-Rennes match yesterday, the desire to return the same night means that the flight out of Geneva can be quite late. In fact, this return flight took off this morning at 20 minutes after midnight: a fact which would probably not have pleased the residents of Vernier, over whom the aircraft took off.

One wonders how many other visiting teams might also choose to come in a chartered aircraft, and then to leave late at night!

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