Skyguide ensures our early morning wakeup

This Sunday morning there were very few ealrly landings. Why did Skyguide then allow departures in both directions?

Today, Sunday 14 July, there will be lots of noise as fireworks are let off in France. However, for residents at BOTH ends of the airport runway, the fireworks started early in the morning as Skyguide air traffic controllers let aircraft take off in both directions.

Before the incoming flight of Swiss from Zurich, at 7h45, there were just two landings (6h05 from Reykyavik and 6h37 from Palma de Mallorca). Both of these came in over the lake and my Versoix region. I could have therefore imagined that the cohort of outgoing flights would go over Vernier, allowing me to have a quiet morning in bed. No way! The outgoing flights were then allowed to take off in the direction most suited to their destination: some over Versoix and some over Vernier.

I believe that the Swiss Aviation office OFAC has specifically given Skyguide directives that take-off directions and trajectories can be chosen to optimise the wishes of the airlines (shorter flight time, less fuel used and hence more profits). However, why cannot these directives also take into account the wishes of the communes which are overflown?

A long time ago (2006) ARAG, together with many communal authorities, demanded that on Sundays and public holidays there should be no takeoffs until either 7am or 8am. This demand has been put on hold by OFAC until Geneva has completed a PSIA (Plan Sectoriel de l'Infrastructure Aéronautique): probably at least another couple of years.

Funnily enough, Geneva airport wants to start building their new East terminal without waiting for this PSIA. One law for the rich, another one for the poor?

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