Did you hear a drone last night?

Last night, 18 June, an unmanned drone flew over Geneva between 11h27 pm and 0h48 am. Did you hear it?

The drone in question is one of a series manufactured by RUAG Aerospace, Emmen. There are 28 so far, with aircraft registrations D-107 to D-134: this one was D-125.

It flew at an altitude of just under 8000 feet without a lot of noise: in the daytime I suspect that no-one would have heard it. However, in the silence of around midnight, it is probably noticeable if you are not asleep. Certainly, there was enough noise to register on the ARAG noise monitors at the lake end of the airport.

I would think that, being Swiss military, there are no restrictions on the time of day (night!) of these flights. Likewise, it is unlikely that we will be told what is their purpose! Looking for Taliban cells? People or illicit goods crossing the border? Unannounced rave parties?

Any suggestions?

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