Details on the Air China aircraft

The Airbus A330-243 used for the first Beijing-Geneva service was quiet on landing and not as noisy on takeoff as an old Falcon 900!

The actual aircraft used was identified as B-6117, an Airbus A330-243 built in 2008 and operated by Air China. It came over Versoix before landing at 6h20 pm, and the noise registered by the ARAG microphone at the Versoix Mairie was very reasonable: comparable to almost all the other landings.

For takeoff, given that it is now the longest route regularly flown from Geneva, and thus needs a lot of fuel, it was necessarily rather noisy when it took off over Vernier at 8h36 pm. The noise registered there was about the same as the Boeing 767-300 which took off at 9h23 for New York. The comparison is reasonably easy to understand: the Boeing 767-300 is a bigger aircraft with more passengers and in a noisier classification group, but flew a shorter distance requiring less fuel load.

The cost of the landing for the Air China aircraft would have been around 3000 CHF, comprised of about 1700 CHF for the actual landing charge, 1000 CHF for the Skyguide navigation services and 300 CHF for noise and gaseous emissions. However, the airport offers a yearly rebate, starting at 80%, for flights operated to new destinations (but not applicable to noise and gaseous emissions), so the actual cost would have been under 1000 CHF.

So what was the noisiest takeoff of the day, as measured by the ARAG microphone in Vernier? Perhaps surprisingly, it was a small Falcon 900 business jet which took off just before 1 o'clock. This jet, registered in France as F-GKHJ and built in 1987, was measured at 91 dBA (3 dBA more than the two big intercontinental jets, which equates to twice the energy). It would be interesting to know the reason for this small jet making so much noise, but that noise level is quite legal and the airport almost never gives out any details of business jet flights.

When Geneva airport adopts the new noise classifications (from next April) the Falcon 900 will drop from noise class IV to noise class III, whereas the Air China A330-243 will drop two levels to Class II. Since the various noise surcharges will be changed at the same time, the Falcon 900 noise landing charge will be halved to 100 CHF, whilst that for the Air China aircraft will be doubled to 400 CHF!

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