Why are false security alerts unwanted?

Security alerts at the airport are unwanted, but not always for the obvious reasons: one reason is a little curious.

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The rich and the poor in Brussels

Last weekend the rich and the poor, though at different levels, were in Brussels. Sometimes they met, but maybe not always!

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A tale of two airports

Geneva and Gatwick airports are often compared to each other. Do we really want Geneva to have the same traffic as Gatwick?

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25 millions de passagers à Genève aéroport: comment?

Dans un aéroport dèjà surchargé, le directeur de l'aéroport parle de la possibilité d'accueillir 25 millions de passages par an. Comment?

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Business jets bring German car chiefs to Geneva

From Monday of this week there are lots of business jets bringing car company executives to the Motor show. VW are most in evidence.

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