Did Ben Ali's Tunisian jet come again to Geneva?

An unidentified Tunisian aircraft left Geneva on Friday 18 January 2013. Thus might have been the Falcon 900 of Ben Ali!

On 15 December 2011 I blogged that an unknown aircraft, identified as being originally registered in Tunisia, had left Geneva. On that same day, the newspaper Le Temps reported that the Falcon 900 which had been owned by the Ben Ali clan, and which had been impounded when it was in Geneva (for maintenance?), had left Geneva. I speculated that the unknown aircraft was exactly this impounded aircraft, having been given a new identity.

Last week, on Friday, 15 January, exactly the same aircraft again left from Geneva in an anonymous fashion, without emitting any callsign. We still do not know its registration identifier (normally painted on the fuselage or tail). However, we do know that it actually arrived in Geneva late last year, on October 23 2012, again anonymously.

Is it now belonging to the Tunisian Government? If not, then to whom does it belong? Did it come for a maintenance that it was unable to have in 2011? Is there a link to the current Davos symposium?

It does appear that the current situation in Tunisia, as well as in other countries in the region (such as Egypt and Syria) is far from ideal. The fact that the aircraft is still unidentifiable does suggest that the openness which we would like to see in those countries has not yet arrived!

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