Too many men on an easyJet flight

Last week, an easyJet flight EZY7279 from Liverpool to Geneva was overloaded with (heavy?) men: 4 were paid to get off!

This story has caused a lot of amusement in England, and also in other countries (including France, of course). In fact, Switzerland might have been the only country where the story did not immediately appear (but who wants to say a bad word about easyJet in Switzerland, in particular around Geneva?).

Before the departure from Liverpool, scheduled for 7h05 am, the pilot calculated that the aircraft was 300 kg overweight. Therefore, he could not take off until some passengers had disembarked. The company offered £100 compensation and a flight the next day, but that did not get any volunteers.

According to easyJet, the offer was changed to include a flight from Birmingham to Geneva the same day, and they found 4 volunteers. However, accoring to a passenger, there was a participation by some passengers to raise the offer to £200, which obtained the necessary 4 passengers to accept the offer. The remaining passengers then contributed to those passengers who had upped the offer.

According to the English newspaper, The Independent, the airline explanation was as follows :-

the payload included “an exceptionally high proportion of male passengers and more hold luggage than usual”.

More hold luggage than usual is hardly surprising, given that many people would be bringing their skis. However, the exceptional proportion of men (135 to 19 women) would have made a theoretical difference of just over 1000 kg for a 50-50 split of the sexes: men are assumed to weigh 88 kg, women 70 kg. It also seems that there were no children on the flight (they would be assumed top weigh 35 kg).

It does also not help that easyJet cram as many passengers as possible on their aircraft. This aircraft appears to have been an Airbus A319, for which Wikipedia cites the typical 1-class capacity as 134, with an absolute maximum of 156. Not a lot of room per passenger (as I recall from the last time that I flew with easyJet).

The moral of the story: men should always take a female with them: taking children would also help to avoid any such situation.

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Ce n'est pas nouveau. Toutes les compagnies le font en cas de surcharge ou de surbooking. Et plein de petits malins pas trop pressés connaissent le truc, je l'ai vu de nombreuses fois.

Posted by: Jean-Charles Heritier | 01/23/2013

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