Is East Midlands airport a difficult landing?

In Winter, East Midlands airport is one from which skiers can fly to and from Geneva. It was disrupted by a WW2 Spitfire landing.

On Monday, 8 January, a WW2 Spitfire stopped flights at East Midlands airport when, in mid-afternoon, its landing gear collapsed as it landed. This winter, however, there was no likelihood of problems for Geneva-bound passengers, since the only flights from ther to Geneva are now only operated on Saturdays by the airline Jet2.

The Geneva traffic from East Midlands has dramatically dropped this winter. During the 2010/2011 winter there were flights on several days of the week by British Midland International, Jet2 and Thomsonfly. Last Winter only British Midland International continued, but they ceased to exist in the middle of 2012. Thus, Jet2 took up the mantle, but only on Saturdays.

A curiousity, however, is that one easyJet aircraft has actually gone to East Midlands airport! On January 4 the easyJet A319 Airbus registered as HB-JZU flew empty to East Midlands airport, but it shows no sign of leaving. One suspects that it may have been sold and re-registered: if so, then that will be one less spare easyJet Switzerland aircraft in Geneva. However, there is still one more aircraft this Winte4r than last Winter, though sometimes more flights. In total, it looks as thought there is always one spare aircraft, even on the busiest days.

I wonder where HB-JZU is now!

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