Some important meeting in Geneva?

For the last two days we have seen many Swiss Confederation and military helicopters at Geneva airport. Does anyone know why?

On 29 and 30 October there have been a number of Swiss Air Force helicopters coming to Geneva. Then yesterday, 30 October, there were visits of two helicopters belonging to the Swiss Confederation (HB-ZKO and HB-XQE). One might guess that there is a reason, but I have not found any obvious one.

One theory is, of course, related to the big announcement by UBS of 10,000 jobs to be lost, including 2,500 in Switzerland, but I would have expected this to be discussed in Berne or Zürich. So what other possibility?

How about a reaction to the reports that Geneva could be subject to a devastating tsunami? These are in the news, after the one annnounced as a possibility for Hawaii a few days ago!

Alternatively, a crisis meeting to imagine what might happen if Geneva were subject to its own Superstorm, like Sandy in the USA?

Any better ideas?

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