A Bulgarian cancelled flight leaves very late

Yesterday, 3 October, at 5 minutes to midnight, the Vernier residents could hear the noise of a cancelled flight to Bulgaria!

The airport departures list indicated that the Bulgaria Air flight FB5851, to Sofia via Dnepropetrovsk, should have left at 9h45 pm, but had been cancelled. It was thus a little bit of a surprise when the ARAG detection system noticed that it actually took off at 7 minutes to midnight (and it did go to Dnepropetrovsk).

Somewhat curiously, the arrivals board had made no reference to any incoming flight of Bulgaria Air. However, it did actually come from Sofia and land here just after 9 pm using the same flight number. One might think that it had been chartered for a group of people who failed to turn up in time! If so then I wonder what happened to them.

20121003_LZB5851_dep.jpgThe take-off would also have annoyed our neighbours living in France on the Jura side of the airport. since as soon as it was over Vernier it made the 180° right turn to go back towards France. This aircraft route has long been a thorn in the side of those residents of France who were overflown. The ATCR-AIG committee actually thought that the airport had agreed not to use the route after 10 pm, but this was not the case. I could be cynical and suggest that any provisional agreement not to use it at night disappeared as soon as there were planned late departures to Moscow!

For some reason, there have also been other Bulgarian aircraft. The European Air Transport company, owned by Deutsche Post (DHL), regularly uses a Boeing 737-300 aircraft registerd in Bulgaria: this aircraft lands here from Leipzig in the mornings just after 6am, then leaves again at around 10 pm.

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