easyJet Switzerland has another aircraft, but ...

... spare aircraft don't solve all problems when there are protest movements in the weaker Eurozone countries: Spain yesterday!

The new easyJet Airbus A319 came from Luton to Geneva on Tuesday 25 September as the UK-registered aircraft G-EZGR. Two days later it had been given its new identity HB-JYB and made its first official flight on behalf of eayJet Switzerland (to Marrakech). There are thus now 21 Swiss-registered Airbus A319/320 aircraft. It is not yet obvious whether there will be (yet) another aircraft based in Geneva or whether Basel will soon benefit from having a spare aircraft, since the Airbus A319 registered as HB-JZK has flown off to Malta, where the Swiss company SR Technics does line maintenance for easyJet.

Despite this new aircraft, there were problems yesterday for easyJet Switzerland when a flight from Geneva to Malaga had to make a stopover in Granada. This small airport normally only operates flights internal to Spain, but may have had to accept some afternoon flights intended for Malaga for some unknown reason. The most likely reason would probably be the wave of protests in Spain over the austerity measures, but other reasons are possible.

Because of the delay which this stopover caused, plus the fact that the spare aircraft in Geneva, HB-JZT, was unavailable all day, there was a knock-on effect when the last round trip flight to Nice had to be cancelled. However, there were some serious delays on other flights, including long delays for easyJet UK flights to Bristol and Edinburgh, so there must obviously have been more general disruption somewhere.

SR Technics, part of the Mubadala Aerospace MRO network, is an aircraft maintenance company whose two main operations sites are in Zurich and in Malta. The Malta site seems to be primarily for easyJet, but the Zurich site is apparently more general. In fact, as of September 27, they have signed a five year agreement with Emirates airline to do line maintenance for the Emirates Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 or A340 aircraft types.

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