easyJet Barcelona nearly to Geneva!

Yesterday's morning easyJet flight from Barcelona to Geneva was diverted to Lyon just seconds before it would have landed in Geneva!

The easyJet Switzerland flight EZS1402 from Barcelona to Geneva is scheduled to arrive in Geneva at 10h25 am. Yesterday, Wednesday 12 September, it was a few minutes ahead of schedule when on the landing path that comes over Vernier. No doubt the passengers were looking forward to getting here, maybe to seeing their loved ones waiting at the airport. Unfortunately ...

20120910_EZS1402_att.jpg... when less than 5 kilometres short of the airport, just about to come over Vernier,the pilot aborted the landing, overshot the runway and turned 180° left to come around again. However, instead of then turning and landing normally, the pilot set course for Lyon airport. The aircraft then duly landed at Lyon before taking off again and coming back to Geneva. The end result was a delay of nearly two hours, plus a knock-on effect on other easyJet Switzerland flights, which meant that the last incoming easyJet Switzerland flight, from Ibiza, only landed on Geneva at 13 minutes after midnight.

The airport arrivals board did note this flight as coming in via Lyon, but it is not easy to find any reason for what happened and why the initial landing was aborted. There were no other problems that I could detect, nor was there any excess of traffic around that time. A mystery for which we are unlikely to receive any explanation.

Oh, and by the way, the noise surcharge paid by the easyJet Switzerland landing after midnight was precisely zero Swiss Francs. If it had been the same noise charge rules as at Zurich airport, there would have been a charge of 800 Swiss Francs. Would that have been sufficient encouragement for easyJet Switzerland to use their spare aircraft for the Geneva-Ibiza-Geneva round trip?

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