A Swiss-based firm which could profit from food price rises

Links exist between aviation, drought conditions, biofuels, stock market traders, illegal economic migrants and (perhaps) climate change.

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A better aircraft landing path

The residents living around Nernier want incoming flights to stop coming over their town. They have made a perfectly reasonable proposition.

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easyJet takeoff trajectory: two conflicting stories

I recently wrote that an easyJet Switzerland flight did not appear to follow the correct flight path. The airport begs to differ!

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Rio Olympics: A look ahead

After the London Games, Team GB hopes to be successful in Rio, whilst the Swiss try to see how they can improve by emulating Britain. This might not be easy!

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An easyJet pilot bends the rules

An easyJet pilot flying an empty aircraft to Toulouse was in so much of a hurry after taking off towards Lausanne that he turned left over Versoix much too soon.

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Casablanca to Lyon via Geneva

Passengers on the AirArabia flight from Casablanca to Lyon on the evening of Saturday 4 August dropped into Geneva airport, then finally left here 50 minutes after midnight.

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