The peace of summer nights shattered

Since the start of July, and despite the fact that there are no scheduled airdraft departures after 10 pm, there has been at least one take-off after 11 pm most nights! Why?

The take-off last night, at just 10 minutes before midnight, of a big and noisy Boeing 777 of Japan Airlines bound for Osaka, would certainly have disturbed people living in Vernier. Although I have not seen any public announcements, we are now seeing this aircraft operating between Geneva and Japan quite frequently. As with many flights, departures to the far East are often scheduled late at night: yesterday the schedule said 9h40 pm. There is no published explanation why the departure was delayed by 2 hours. Such delay possibilities are a reason to be apprehensive of the effect of the new Geneva airport long-distance terminal.

Of the 17 other take-offs after 11 pm of scheduled flights, two have also been long-distance flights with big and noisy aircraft (both taking off over Vernier!), whilst seven have been easyJet UK flights returning (late) to the UK. In this respect, and unlike Summer 2010, the UK company is rather less punctual than easyJet Switzerland. I actually wonder why easyJet cannot use a Geneva-based aircraft (there is normally a spare one available) for such a late flight, bringing it back to Geneva the next day.

There have also been six late departures of private jets, mostly rather small (which does not necessarily equate to little noise). It is impossible to know to where these private jets were going, nor why they left so late, since such information is a closely-guarded secret. Perhaps people who can afford to fly in private jets might want to leave late without it being known to where they are going.

One law for the rich and another one for the poor!

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