A flight from Japan

Yesterday, 25 June, saw the arrival of a big Boeing 777 of Japan Airlines. Its arrival was not on the airport list, whilst its departure for Tokyo was cancelled! Another mystery.


The aircraft, registered as JA710J, arrived at 6h41 pm as flight JA 8821. This is normally supposed to be a flight from Tokyo to Prague, but the arrivals at Prague yesterday showed no such flight. Equally, the arrivals board at Geneva did not show this incoming flight. The Geneva arrivals board did, however, show a flight JA 8822 as due to leave at 9h30 pm for Osaka, but it was cancelled.

On today's list of departures, flight JA 8822 is due to leave at 5 pm, but for Frankfurt, not Osaka. That should give the planespotters time to go and photograph it!

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