Geneva's own Boeing Business Jet

Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) are aircraft fitted out luxuriously to carry rich people where they want to go, and when. One of them, oerated by PrivatAir, is based in Geneva.

This BBJ, a Boeing 757-200, is registered as HB-IEE and is owned by the aircraft leasing company Tierralta Holdings Corp. Originally built in 1989, it has had a chequered history, during which time it was actually used by the UK Royal Air Force for some time. In July of last year it was repainted and sent to Geneva for the use of PrivatAir.

The company PrivatAir also has an interesting history, interlinked with this aircraft. In 1989 the company which operated the aircraft was called Petrolair, but in 1997 this name changed to PrivatAir. Currently, the main office of PrivatAir is in Geneva, with offices also in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

In general, the aircraft seems to operate in central Europe, mainly Paris and London. However, last Saturday, 16 June, it left, over Vernier,  just before midnight and headed South-East, almost certainly towards the Middle East. It is not easy to know where it went, because tracking of aircraft in that region is often impossible. In the region of Mecca, for example, there seem not to be any private listening posts.

The lateness of the departure is fairly easy to understand. It takes over 5 hours to fly to Jeddah, whose time zone is an hour ahead of Geneva. Thus, by leaving just before midnight the arrival is just after 6am. The sort of people who can afford such luxury travel and want to fly overnight to the Middle East would naturally not want to leave Geneva before 10 pm and arrive there around 4 am in the morning! This is an illustration of what might happen more and more often when Geneva Airport builds its new long-courrier terminal! I am not aware of any "étude d'impacte" for this new terminal.

In fact, on that same Saturday evening, there was another very late departure (a well-known low-cost airline flying to Liverpool), plus a couple of small private jets landing here. Then, just to rub salt into the wounds, on the Sunday evening the last three movements at the airport were all private jets: two incoming (NetJets and FairJet) and one outgoing (MJet).

A taste of night flights to come, as the airport pushes for more and more growth?

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Speaking about late night flight, where you aware of the drone exercise over gva airport south-west area that occured last Monday from 2 to 3 am ? Note that I dont complain about, it made very little noise, and was just interresting to watch.


Posted by: Eastwood | 06/21/2012

A friend of mine talked about having heard what sounded like an aircraft at about that time, but I think he meant on Tuesday morning. We detected no air traffic. I cannot find any reference to this anywhere.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 06/22/2012

Right, actually it was during Monday to Tuesday night. It clearly made the sound of a small piston engine, and according to the estimated speed and wingspan I can only guess it was a drone or an ultralight aircraft.

Posted by: Eastwood | 06/22/2012

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