Geneva's own Boeing Business Jet?

Boeing Business Jets (BBJs) are first-class only luxury aircraft. PrivatAir, A Geneva-based company, has one that goes to the in-places: Nice last week. This Summer?

The aircraft, registered as HB-IEE (assigned to Switzerland), is (according to Wikipedia) one of two Boeing 757-200 aircraft owned by PrivatAir, the other one being marked as stored). The information on it states that it is first-class only, configured for 49 passengers (plenty of leg room!), which is a typical BBJ configuration

In these days when aircraft spotters are everywhere, and although its flights to and from Geneva never appear on the airport flights list, it is not difficult to find out where it is flying to and from. Finding who are the affluent passengers, however, is another matter.

Last week the aircraft flew a few times to and from Nice. Now, Nice is actually well served by air transport from Geneva, but not so well by rail transport: there is a direct TGV train once a day, which gets to Marseille pretty quickly but then takes 2h30 to get from there to Nice. By air there is the choice of Darwin, easyJet and Swiss (maybe Swiss have Business or First Class). However, there were obviously enough people willing to pay the extra money for a real luxury flight.

If you have not yet worked things out, I should remind you that Nice is right next door to Cannes, where there was a film festival last week!

So who will be the next affluent clients for PrivatAir, and to where will they go? How about the European Nations Football in Poland and Ukraine? Roland Garros and Wimbledon tennis and then the Olympic Games in London? Time, and the planespotters, will make everything clear.

Can you afford it? Not me.



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