TAP flight arriving around midnight

My predictions of flights from Lisbon to Geneva arriving around midnight were rapidly confirmed last night, but other late flights should not have been allowed.

It was in my letter to this newspaper, published Tuesday 24 April, that I protested about the decision, doubtless approved by the current airport director, Robert Deillon, plus his political master, François Longchamp, to allow the last flight into Geneva this summer to be scheduled for 25 minutes before midnight every night. This flight, operated by the non-Swiss airline TAP, comes from Lisbon: over the last few years it has been progressively moved later and later in the evening. My pessimistic predictions were based upon the delays frequently encountered in previous years by this same flight, particularly in the busy Summer period.

As of last night (25 April), and to the dismay of people living underneath the incoming flight path (last night it was Versoix, but the next time it might be Vernier!), the flight actually only touched down at 5 minutes to midnight. Given that we are not yet into the real holiday season, my prediction that there will be some flights arriving after midnight seems very likely to become reality.

However, this was not the only unacceptable aircraft movement last night. Vernier had noise from a take-off of a private jet of the Irish operator Westair just after 11pm: the same jet which has frequently left between 11pm and midnight. The company refuses to respond to any request for information, as does the airport, which is another indicator of how little the need for a good night's sleep weighs against the desire of the airport to have more and more flights and passengers.

In total there were six landings after 11 pm, the last of which was the flight from Lisbon. Just prior to that, there were two private jets owned by non-Swiss operators: a Learjet 45 of TAG Aviation UK and a Falcon 900 of International Jet Management. Useless to protest about these, because nowadays any flight operated by an operator licenced to carry passengers in Switzerland is automatically considered as commercial, so the airport management will tell us that it is all legal and permissible. They also say that they review all requests for flights scheduled late at night, but will never release any details (true Swiss secrecy?).

Who still believes that Messrs Deillon and Longchamp have any interest in the sleep time of airport neighbours?

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