Palestinien militants to Tel Aviv this weekend

Today, Sunday 15 April, the web site of this newspaper says pro-palestinien militants refused boarding on EZS1525 to Tel Aviv. How about  other flights to Tel Aviv this weekend?


There is confirmation of this incident in the RTS news programme at 12h45 today. According to this report, many people at many airports have also been trying to get to Palestine via Tel Aviv. The Israeli authorities have issued a list of around 1000 people who will be prevented from disembarking at Tel Aviv, so the airlines would have to bring them back again.

There is another flight from Geneva to Tel Aviv this Sunday: flight LY346, operated by the Israeli national airline El Al, is scheduled to leave Geneva at 2h50 pm. I somehow doubt that any pro-palestinien militants will try to book on this flight. If they do then we might hear about it in the 7h30 pm main RTS news programme

However, yesterday (Saturday) there was another flight to Tel Aviv. Flight QS4490, a Boeing 737-800 aircraft registered as OK-TVP (OK for Tel Aviv passengers?) and operated by the Czech airline Travel Service, took off from Geneva at 10h25 pm. This is an airline offering both scheduled and charter flights, but has no scheduled services between Geneva and Tel Aviv: its scheduled services are operated via an airline called Smartwings, who have a booking interface remarkably like that of easyJet (same orange colour).

This late flight last night would surely have been a charter, which would have landed in Tel Aviv in the very early hours of this Sunday morning. It was not the last takeoff of the evening (the last one, at 11 pm, was a small private jet belonging to NetJets!).

Somehow, I expect that the Israeli immigration services would be ckecking its passengers!

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