Jetman Rossy and Wingman Connery

When Swiss Jetman Yves Rossy flies, his flying suit is jet-powered. The Brit, Gary Connery, has been training in Switzerland to fly without power and land without a parachute.

Gary Connery will sometime soon jump out of a helicopter at about 2400 feet above ground in an unpowered wingsuit, and then land in, or on, a pile of cardboard boxes without the aid of a parachute. For this attempt he has been training in Switzerland: a video of this training, at Walenstadt, is available via YouTube. He is often likened to the Swiss, Yves Rossy, and both are sponsored by watch companies (Breitling for Yves Rossy, Bremont for Gary Connery).

The landing strip which he will attempt to hit is made up of cardboard boxes, which seems a pretty economic way of constructing a landing area. He has already demonstrated that landing in a pile of cardboard boxes is quite feasible. His stunt therefore requires that he use his wingsuit to slow his speed as much as possible before hitting this cardboard runway.

By coincidence (I think) he has the same family name as the original James Bond actor, Sean Connery. How many people remember the film Thunderball, in which James Bond flies in a jetpack?

I guess that Gary will make less noise on landing than either Sean or Yves (unless he misses the runway).

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