More easyJet (night) flights this summer

Spring is here: the airline summer timetables will operate from Sunday 25 March. With another aircraft already here, easyJet will be running yet more (night?) flights this summer.

On the Geneva airport web site, easyJet announced last September that there would be an extra 22 flights per week this coming Summer. At the time, I already thought that this would require an extra aircraft based in Geneva: at that time there were 12 based in Geneva and 7 in Basel.

The "new" aircraft duly arrived: an Airbus A320 built in 2000, belonging to easyJet UK and registered as G-EZTW, flew to Geneva on 25 January of this year. When it left again, on 27 January, it had been re-registered as the easyJet Switzerland aircraft HB-JYA (all the registrations HB-JZ? had already been used).

This effectively meant that, as has been demamded by ARAG for years, easyJet Switzerland finally had a spare aircraft available in Geneva: the winter 2011/12 timetables to and from Geneva assuned only 12 Geneva-based aircraft). The availability of this spare aircraft has had a very positive effect on the punctuality of easyJet Switzerland flights to and from Geneva. Of the approximately 480 EZS flights landing back in Geneva after 10 pm since HB-JYA was available, less than 10% were delayed until after 11pm. Even better, only 9 were delayed beyond 11h30 pm (the time at which ARAG has proposed the closure of the airport for normal commercial flights!), and all of these were during the exceptional weather in February.

The bad news is that an extra 22 flights per week this summer will almost certainly mean that there will no longer be a spare aircraft based in Geneva, and that on most nights of the week there will probably be another late-returning night flight. In other words, another couple of hundred night flights in 2012 even if no spare aircraft is ever needed, and even more if, when problems of various sorts make one of the 13 Geneva-based aircraft unable to keep to its daily  schedule, we have to wait for replacements to be sought from easyJet UK.

Maybe easyJet Switzerland will get sent another UK aircraft to be re-registered in Switzerland and operate from Geneva? Personally, I would not bet on it, though.

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