Three Czech / Slovakia incidents!

A flight by a German company aborts a landing in Geneva. Later, it goes back to Slovakia avoiding overflying Czech airspace. Very late at night a small Czech private jet takes off!

As they say, things tend to come in threes. The first of these was the aborted landing, at 12h30 on Tuesday 13 March, of an Embraer E195 (a medium size jet carrying around 100 passengers) just after it flew over Vernier. The aircraft, registered as D-AEMF, is owned and operated by the German Airline, Augsburg Airways: it normally flies to and from Munich. However, in this case, it was coming to Geneva from Bratislava, in Slovakia, so had probably been chartered (perhaps to Slovakian car enthusiasts coming to the motor show!).

According to the airport, such overshoot incidents are not uncommon and quite normal: later the same day an SAS Airbus did the same manoeuvre . However, in looking at the runway movements around then, there was no obvious reason, whilst the transponder emissions show that it was on the correct track for a landing. Whatever it was, the passengers would probably have been given an explanation.


Out of interest, I tracked the departure of this same aircraft when it took off at 4h35 pm to go back to Bratislava. I could not understand why it turned to fly far to the north of a course towards Bratislava, then back south again. Finally, I realised that it had avoided flying over the Czech Republic: I have no idea why! I checked Bratislava airport, which is an airport much used by Ryanair: their aircraft seem to overfly Czech with no problems.

The final Czech incident was when I noticed that the very last departure from Geneva that day was a small business jet (maximum 5 passengers) belonging to the Czech company Time Air. ARAG keeps protesting about these late departures of small, yet frequently noisy, business jets, but the airport management shows little sympathy, whilst the air operators concerned normally say that they have a perfect right to take off so late: they are correct that they do have the right, but my view is that it is not right to disturb the sleep of thousands of people because of a very few rich people wanting to fly so late at night.

The registration of this aircraft: OK-LEO. Being a Leo myself, I find this definitely not OK!

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