Volkswagen flies with Cayman Island aircraft

The Volkswagen car group has a fleet of 9 jet aircraft, including a big Airbus A319. All have been seen in Geneva this week and all are registered in the Cayman Islands!

When the Motor show is on in Geneva we get a lot of visitors: some come in large chartered aircraft, whilst others come in small private jets. A quick survey of visiting aircraft, especially those owned by car companies, quickly makes it clear that the majority of both types of visitors fly here from Germany.

In looking specifically at the private jets, it is immediately apparent that those of the VW Air Services (Volkswagen Group) outnumber all other car manufacturers, including BMW and Daimler-Chrysler. In fact, of the known fleet of 9 aircraft belonging to VW Air Services, all appear to have been mobilised to come here already (this is written on the first open day of the Motor Show!)

What is particularly interesting is that all of these aircraft are registered in the Cayman Islands: this is clear from their registration, which always starts with VP-C. When I look up the registration authority of the Cayman Islands I find the following remarks :-

The role of the CAACI is primarily to function as the regulatory organization responsible for safety oversight and economic regulation of the aviation industry throughout the territory and to ensure that the Cayman Islands aviation industry conforms to the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the statutory body responsible for aviation regulatory oversight throughout the Cayman Islands and for aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands.  The CAACI works in close partnership with a specialized group of legal firms and Cayman Islands Government authorities to ensure that clients have the most comprehensive counsel on every avenue of law, custom law, tax and insurance.

This clearly indicates that registration of aircraft there is mainly done to minimise tax payments! We all know that the German Government is putting pressure on Switzerland to find which of their citizens, or companies, are hiding money in Swiss banks in order to avoid tax.

Maybe they should ask Volkswagen to be better citizens in their own country!

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really interesting ! thanks...

Posted by: citizen | 03/09/2012

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