Motor show visitors from Serbia?

Geneva airport had probably its first flight from and to Belgrade yesterday, 6 March: a flight by JAT Airways. The airport still calls the company Yugoslav Airlines!

The aircraft was a Boeing 737-3H9, registered as YU-ANJ, which landed at 9h10 am yesterday 6 March and then left again at 9h34 pm. The company which ran the flight is called JAT Airways, stated to be Serbia's national carrier: it owns 10 Boeing 737-300s and 4 ATR 72-200s. As well as operating charters, it has regular flights to many European destinations, including Zurich.

The first two letters of the registration code (YU) clearly indicate a registration originally in Yugoslavia, but now belonging to Serbia. On the arrivals and departures board of Geneva Airport the flight was listed as operated by Yugoslav Airlines. Perhaps someone there needs to read a little bit of history and update a data base in a computer!

Given the fact that the motor show is about to start, it is quite likely that we will receive a number of charter flights organised to bring groups of car enthusiasts to Geneva. We are also already getting a number of private jets operated by the major European car makers.

If only jet aircraft could have silencers as simple and effective as those of cars!

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We don't really understand what your blog is getting at?Are you sponsored by Tribune de Genève or any green party for undermining Geneva airport?Have you been abducted and tied up to a tree at the end of the runway?Have you been life sentenced to live close to the airfield?Ok!planes make some noise and pollution but Geneva airport is a dwarf in comparison to the vast majority of the worldwide airports.Moreover its was not built yesterday.We remind you that it emits only 3% of whole Geneva area CO2 emissions.Pls also bear in mind that huge technical improvements has been made over the last 20 years and some big other ones are about to be implemented very soon.Be positive and think that Geneva airport connects the region to the planet,that operations hours and regulations are the most restricted of the world and last but not least 99.999999% of planes using GVA apt are new generation which means that airlines operate their quietest,most modern,reliable and fuel-efficient equipments.To sum up Geneva airport is in any case the greener airport possible in this world yet.New efficient technologies and facilities adaptations are coming up very soon.Knowing that pls stop moaning all the time and look at the bright side of life in small Geneva.
NB:JAT was founded as JAT Yugoslav Airlines.The last time they appeared in Geneva(except yesterday) must have been 20 years ago hence the mistake.Flights between Geneva and Belgrade are real rare indeed.It's a pity.

Posted by: max | 03/07/2012

Regrettably, like some other people, your comment is not based upon any real knowledge of the facts. Here are just a few :-
1. The Geneva operations hours are less restrictive than those at Zurich.
2. Geneva airport is responsible for lots of CO2: can we ignore it simply because it goes over other countries (and at higher altitude, which makes things doubly worse)?
3. Despite a noise classification unchanged this century, 5% of jets are NOT in the quietest category. At the motor show would you consider a car as modern if it met standards of 12 years ago?
4. 99.999999% is one in a million! At less than 200,000 movements per year, that implies one aircraft every 10 years!
5. Yesterday, 31 out 0f 601 movements, including an SAS MD82 built in 1985 and a Dubai B747 built in 1991, were NOT in the least noisy class.
6. The airport CCLNTA committee minutes include a statement that replacement of the current Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 range is unlikely before 2020-2025!
To sum up, if "Geneva airport is in any case the greener (sic) airport possible in this world yet" then the world is heading for catastrophe!
I suggest that you learn some maths, some logic and the importance of establishing facts before making judgements!

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 03/08/2012

On one hand last departure in Zurich(22:45) takes place 1 hour later than in Geneva(21:50).However,during this one hour lapse of time there is flight departure in GVA but 10 flights out of Zurich.Most of them heavy body aircrafts to Asia and Africa.On the other hand due to the only runway and capacity tarmac constrains in GVA,last flight touches down at 23.20 which is about 30 minutes later than the last in Zurich.Moreover,SAS operates 4 weekday flights(except less saturday/sunday in summer) but most of them are operated by A319/20/21,CRJ900 and Boeing737/600/800.MD-82/87 are being phased out and are already endangered species.A pity they are very beautiful birds.Dubai B747 flies to geneva at the very least 15x a year and is often replaced by Boeing 777/300.New generation Airbus Neo and Boeing 737Max should be operating by 2015.It's not 2020-2025 in any case.Like cars the future will be much much much more efficient,greener and brighter.Nothing to complain about if we look back to the very close old times.Worth reminding it too.To sum up you focus only on the 0.000000001% little bad things if they are and don't see the 99.999999% good things.I just believe that you are dead set against our airport for any personal little reason which make you lose grip on reality and emphasize it all.Think positive.

Posted by: max | 03/08/2012

There is no schedulded flight departure in Geneva between 21:50 and 22.45 but at least 10 out of Zurich,most of them(about 8) long haul flights to Asia and Africa.Geneva is a light weight airport in any case.The infrastructures are very outdated.Therefore a lot of little things could be improved to make it still greener.For instance fluidity improvement on both tarmac and terminal.The pain with Geneva is that the city is bogged downed in oppositions and delays.Geneva creates its own very easy avoidable disagreements by not adapting itself.In any case Geneva airport must build high speed runway lanes to allow planes to enter and leave the runway more quickly.This already implemented measures all around the world,will really help reduce fuel consumption,holding time and queuing before take off dramatically.That could also help cut back landing flights at night even if airport closing time is midnight to 6 am since ever.

Posted by: max | 03/08/2012

For departures you are talking about schedules, i.e. leaving the gate, and not take-offs. You equally have no real idea of how many departures there are of private jets, nor of their scheduled departure time (the airport will never give out this information). This year there have been over 70 jets landing or taking off after 23h30 (including three takeoffs after midnight by our local low-cost company!): none would have been allowed at Zurich.
SAS noise class II MD81/82 (MD87 are noise class IV)): there have been more this year (156 movements) than the same period last year (148), so no sign of phasing out yet!
Dubai Air Wing hardly ever flies Boeing 777 (Emirates flies 777-200: I can find no 777-300 here yet): they have equally used a 737 and a 747.
Given the delays and problems in new aircraft (A380 cracks, dreamliner delays) the official Airbus statement that "Airbus is targeting 2016 as the first delivery" is probably optimistic, as also is the idea that any significant percentage of Geneva-based A320 range easyJet aircraft will be in operation before 2020.
In quoting the official Geneva airport management statement (not mine!) for 2020-2025 I was being optimistic: their actual statement says 2025! See
As for your utterly ridiculous percentage numbers, I would suggest that you go (back) to school in Geneva, where they teach maths quite well.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 03/08/2012

Your figures for Zurich are (again) wrong! Tonight, for example, there are three late flights to Asia and one to Africa.
Long haul flights almost always leave on time because they have come in much earlier, whereas short haul flights by aircraft trying to do rapid turnarounds all day are more susceptible to delays!
I am not aware of any of traditional Geneva delays having seriously affected the airport: their development of a new terminal for long haul flights is going ahead. I wonder how this will be used (long haul flights to Asia late in the evening, like Zurich?).
There being a 30 minute grace period for delays, the actual airport closing time is 0h30 for normal commercial flights.
Please check your facts: that would stop me wasting my time correcting you.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 03/08/2012

Well done Mike. Very impressive - you certainly know your stuff!!!

Posted by: Eileen Betty | 03/10/2012

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