The Iranian Government Falcon jet has left

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Iran has the most successful human rights record in the Muslim world. How many people believed him?

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An interesting Sunday night at Geneva airport

After listening to an aircraft taking off over Versoix at midnight I checked the late flights. It was not only the arrival of the Iranian private jet that was worth a few comments.

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An Iranian Government Jet in Geneva : PetroSuisse link?

Yesterday morning Le Matin Dimanche wrote that Petro Suisse is a front company for Iranian petrol dealings. In the evening an Iranian Government jet came to Geneva! Coincidence?

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Dasnair made a loud nioise over Vernier

When a Dasnair private jet took off very late at night against the normal traffic flow I asked them for an explanation. As usual, they gave none: do they not care about Vernier?

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Marie Colvin : Death of a reporter

Watched a baby die today. Shrapnel, doctors could do nothing. His little tummy heaved and heaved until he stopped. Feeling helpless... Will keep trying to get out the information.

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Zurich to Beijing: cheaper via Geneva!

Since Saturday 11 February Swiss Airlines runs a flight to Beijing. According to an article in this paper, it will be cheaper to fly from Geneva, via Zurich, than from Zurich directly!

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Swiss jet sold to Iran

In 2010 a Falcon 2000 jet aircraft of Dasnair SA was sold to someone in Slovakia, who then immediately sold it to the Iran Civil Aviation Organization. Certainly perfectly legal ,but !

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The great power cut mystery!

Yesterday, 16 February, the airport Swiss-supplied power cut out at around 9h30. The SIG reported micro-cuts a bit later, affecting Grand Saconnex and Meyrin. A coincidence?

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Prices in Geneva airport tax-free shops: a rip-off

A TV consumer defence programme investigated prices in the duty-free shops inside Geneva airport, and found many items neither tax-free nor cheaper than elsewhere!

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A Russian Ilyushin visiting Geneva: tax inspectors?

Yesterday, 14 February, a spotter filmed the landing of a visiting Ilyushin 62-M. The aircraft used the callsign RSD045, registered to the Russian Federal State Budget Institution.

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Air Mauritius: repeated problems

For a third time this year, problems affected one of the old and noisy Airbus A340-300 aircraft of Air Mauritius. Will they ever buy newer, quieter aircraft?

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The Bise and two aborted landings

It cannot be easy landing an aircraft into a very strong wind. In the last week (at least) two pilots were sufficiently disturbed to have to abort, hit the gas and go around again.

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Airports, banks and other shopping places

After having a shopping mall with an attached airport and a flying restaurant, we will soon have a commercial arcade with a bank HQ attached. What might we have next?

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Rafale/Gripen/Eurofighter ?

Supposedly, both the Rafale and the Gripen fighter planes are being offered at a discount. The arrival in Geneva of a French Air Force Falcon jet could be related!

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easyJet to Tirana (Albania)

Yesterday an easyJet Switzerland aircraft went to Tirana, Albania. A new tourist destination, but not yet announced by either easyJet or our airport.


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