The Iranian Government Falcon jet has left

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Iran has the most successful human rights record in the Muslim world. How many people believed him?

According to a comment on my earlier blog about the Iranian Government Falcon 50 private jet coming to Geneva last Sunday evening, 26 February, the aircraft brought the Iranian Foreign Minister to Geneva for the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council. On the first day of the meeting he is reported to have given a speech in which he said that

"Iran has the most successful human rights record in the Muslim world".

I am not sure exactly why he came, since his country, like Syria, is not one of the current members. However, clearly he managed to book a speaking slot so that he could tell us about his country, its free democratic elections and its understandable hatred of Israel. I am not sure if he added that his country had only peaceful intentions when purifying Uranium.

He was still here on Tuesday, so he might have heard about the newly issued report on Iran by Amnesty International. This emphasises a surge in the repression of dissent, arbitrary arrests, long prison sentences for trivial offences and even harassment of families of people working outside Iran fo the BBC or other broadcasters. On the other hand, he or his accompanying staff might have spent Tuesday and Wednesday liaising with Swiss-based Iranian supporters.

I cannot help but think of that old maxim: do as I say, not as I do!

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