An Iranian Government Jet in Geneva : PetroSuisse link?

Yesterday morning Le Matin Dimanche wrote that Petro Suisse is a front company for Iranian petrol dealings. In the evening an Iranian Government jet came to Geneva! Coincidence?

The article in the Economy section of Le Matin Dimanche on February 26 revealed that the Iranian company Naftiran Intertrade (NICO), which has been established in Pully for the last 10 years, was embargoed by the USA back in 2008. With the introduction of an EU embargo in January of this year, not (yet) adopted also by Switzerland, Naftiran had to quickly move its corporate headquarters from Jersey to Labuan (in Malasia). If the Swiss follow the EU embargo one can imagine that Naftiran will shortly have to leave Pully.

At the same time, that paper named another company which had been created and registered in Switzerland: Petro Suisse (using a logo of a nice outline of Switzerland coloured red!). This appears clearly to be just another front company representing Iranian petrol interests. One can expect, or at least hope, thet PetroSuisse also will soon relocate.

By pure coincidence (!), that same Sunday evening saw the arrival in Geneva airport at 11h11 pm of the Iranian Government Falcon 50 private jet registered as EP-TFA. This is the first Iranian private jet to come here since 1 March 2010 (the same aircraft), whilst the scheduled services to Tehran with Iran Air ceased in September of last year. Unsurprisingly, this arrival did not appear on the airport arrivals list.

In a blog a few days ago I reported that a private jet which had been owned by Dasnair had been sold to the Iranian Government. In that blog I linked to the Web address which listed the three private jets owned by the Iranian Government (http://fleet.myaviation.ir/cao.htm). By some utterly inexplicable coincidence, this site is today unreachable!

So why did EP-TFA come to Geneva just after the article? Are the Iranians rapidly evacuating people, documents, money or whatever from the Canton of Vaud? Your guess is as good as mine.


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Please stop making such shortcuts, and do a bit of research. Iranian Minister for Foreign Affairs Ali Akbar Salehi delivered a speech today at the opening day of the United Nation Human Rights Council annual session.

Posted by: Yves Jaques | 02/27/2012

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