Dasnair made a loud nioise over Vernier

When a Dasnair private jet took off very late at night against the normal traffic flow I asked them for an explanation. As usual, they gave none: do they not care about Vernier?

It was on Friday 17 February that a Falcon 7X private jet registered as HB-JSN and operated by the Geneva-based aviation enterprise Dasnair SA (headquarters in Meinier, sufficiently far from the airport not to be worried by aircraft noise) took off at 11h40 pm. The noise that it made over Vernier was the loudest of the whole day, which caused me to try to establish the reason, especially since it was a noise that would only normally be exceeded by a large long-haul aircraft.

The result of the enquiry? It was one of only two aircraft that took off over Vernier the whole day, with the other one (an easyJet Airbus A319 at 6h24 am) making considerably less noise. Similar events in the past, including others of the same Dasnair aircraft, led me to believe that the noise was so loud because the pilot requested to take off over Vernier and to begin the take-off somewhere near the central region of the runway: operations which would have required the consent of SkyGuide.

I duly wrote a letter to Dasnair, suggesting that people living underneath the take-off might not appreciate this: the average number of passengers on a private jet is between 2 and 3. As I expected, I received their standard reply containing no information other than it was a commercial flight permitted by Swiss regulations, for which I could ask the airport for details. Of course, such a request is refused by the airport management.

I have sent a follow-up letter requesting a specific explanation of the noise aspects of this take-off, pointing out that the Standard Instrument Departure (SID) rules state that take-offs over Vernier are to be considered as MINIMUM NOISE ROUTES. However, I have little expectation of receiving any sort of explanation.

I have been told that SkyGuide is given permission to plan aircraft movements in order to accommodate optimisation (time and fuel) requests from aircraft operators, subject to there being no change in safety risk considerations. I have always felt that the exact details of this permission should be discussed with, and agreed by, the representatives of the neighbouring regions, especially Vernier and Versoix. So far, I have received no answer.

Investigating this was when I discovered the story of the sale to Iran of a private jet previously owned by Dasnair.

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