Swiss jet sold to Iran

In 2010 a Falcon 2000 jet aircraft of Dasnair SA was sold to someone in Slovakia, who then immediately sold it to the Iran Civil Aviation Organization. Certainly perfectly legal ,but !

The Falcon 2000 jet registered as HB-IGQ, was used by the Geneva-based aviation company Dasnair SA up until September of 2010. It was then re-registered as OM-IGQ, which is a Slovakian registration listed as belonging to SkyEurope Airlines. On 7 October 2010, when in Geneva, the Swiss flag painted on the re-registered aircraft was removed. The aircraft, with a new ICAO identification number 505CF1, then flew off  the next day.

SkyEurope Airlines was, according to Wikipedia, a low-cost airline with headquarters in Bratislava, but it went bankrupt on 31 August 2009!

The aircraft did not stay very long as OM-IGQ: it was re-registered as EP-FSC, listed as belonging to the Iran Civil Aviation Organization. It would certainly have been given a new ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation, not Iran Civil Aviation Organisation!), but I have not been able yet to track that down.

This transfer caused numerous comments on aviation forums at the time. One comment, on a forum of http://www.airliners.net, suggested that the aircraft had been sold directly to Iran by Dasnair.

I've heard a rumor that a Dassault Falcon 2000EX has recently been purchased by an Iranian operator from a Swiss based company called Dasnair (http://www.dasnair.ch). Apparently she has been de-registered from Swiss reg HB-IGQ and is operating around Iran under the registration EP-FSC (AC role and interior config still unknown) if anyone has any pics or info please share.

It is, of course, difficult to know if Dasnair actually was aware that the aircraft was effectively destined for Iran. One can have suspicions, given that the aircraft was sold to someone who registered it apparently in the name of a bankrupt airline, but suspicions are far from being definite proof.

It is actually possible to see the list of aircraft belonging to the Iran Civil Aviation Organisation, via a web site in Iran called Myaviation. According to that list, the organisation owns three aircraft: two very old Falcon 20 (both built in 1975) and this Falcon 2000 built in 2004.

It is also possible to get some recent photos of the aircraft at the airport in Tehran, but I have not found photos from other airports.

You might wonder why I found this: stay tuned for a new blog!

I wonder who flies in it and to where!


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This aircraft has been purchased by the CAO to visit airports around Iran for meetings and inspections.

It has beautiful interior of leather sofas and large LCD television.

Posted by: Reza Nakhjavani | 02/26/2012

Thanks for the information, which makes me somewhat envious: on the rare occasions that I fly I have my knees wedged into my chest in economy class :-)

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 02/26/2012

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