A Russian Ilyushin visiting Geneva: tax inspectors?

Yesterday, 14 February, a spotter filmed the landing of a visiting Ilyushin 62-M. The aircraft used the callsign RSD045, registered to the Russian Federal State Budget Institution.

This Ilyushin aircraft, owned by Rossiya, the Russia State Transport Company, and with registration RA-86466, was built in 1987. On the official Swiss noise category classification, it is in Class I, which is the classification of the noisiest aircraft. According to Wikipedia

Expensive to operate compared to new airliners, the number in use was reduced after the 2008 recession. It does not comply with international noise restrictions although government and emergency response examples are exempt from this ruling.

The aircraft does not seem to have visited Geneva previously, but was reported as coming to Zurich in January 2009 for the World Economic Forum held in Davos.

The callsign used for both the landing at 4pm and the takeoff 2h15 later (over Versoix, the noisiest departure of the day) was RSD045. A lookup of this ICAO RSD code indicates that the flight was on behalf of

Special Detachment - Russia, Federal State Budget Institution

With a name like that, we could wonder if the Russian Government is joining with the USA and various Western Europe countries in investigating which of its citizens have deposited money in Swiss (Geneva?) banks! If so, then the fee which may have been paid for the visit of such a noisy aircraft (around 3000 CHF, including 1000 CHF purely for noise and 50 CHF for gaseous emissions) would doubtless be seen as money well spent!


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Stop moaning all the time.This Iliouchine 96 flight was a governmental flight.Most of those planes have been scraped lately but some of the Russian government which are still flying have been equipped with new quieter and greener engines.Anyway,such planes land Geneva 2 or 3 times a year and depart during shop opening hours that are not really late at night in Geneva.Do not forget that 99,9% of all flights in and out GVA airport are operated with the most eco friendly planes on earth.Moreover the new plane generation is coming on the market very soon and will still be much more low noise and fuel consumption efficient.Despite we have to do our best to preserve our planet,the zero pollution and all silent city will never exist anywhere around the world.More important but not least It will be unsustainable and very boring to live in.

Posted by: jérôme | 02/16/2012

So 99,9% of all flights in and out GVA airport are operated with the most eco friendly planes on earth? This does not match the facts, unless you have a different definition of eco friendly.
Facts please!

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 02/16/2012

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