Air Mauritius: repeated problems

For a third time this year, problems affected one of the old and noisy Airbus A340-300 aircraft of Air Mauritius. Will they ever buy newer, quieter aircraft?

It was on 7 January that the Air Mauritius flight from Mauritius to Geneva arrived over 5 hours late, touching down at 22h06 pm. According to the Geneva airport authorities, this delay was attributed to a technical problem which necessitated a change of aircraft.

On that same day (night!) the return flight to Mauritius left at 0h40, after having received a special permission for a commercial flight after half past midnight. The explanation for the granting of this special permission cites a last minute technical problem in starting the engines.

Last Saturday, 11 February, the incoming Air Mauritius flight was on time. However, it did not go back that same night. Instead, it only left the next day. I suppose that the passengers from Geneva were given a hotel for the night (unless they stayed at home).

I originally assumed that it was yet another technical problem: these aircraft are all very old and very very noisy.I was subsequently informed that it was no such problem, but simply that the Mauritius airport was to be closed because of being in the path of the tropical cyclone Giovanna. I apologise for having jumped to conclusions: I will try to do better in future.

What we could consider as surprising is the fact that having in recent years paid large amounts in noise surcharges, which the Geneva airport management assures us is helping to persuade airlines to change to newer, quieter and more efficient aircraft, Air Mauritius still shows no signs of changing these aircraft which come to Geneva.

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Come on...... Saturday 11 February, the Air Mauritius flight spend a night in Geneva in order to permit its passengers to have a "smooth" flight on the next day. Mauritius SSR international airport was closed because of Giovanna .... it's not a woman, it's a tropical cyclone .... A quick search on the world wide web would have given you the answer instead of writing (and inventing) false and wrong informations.
Best regards.

Posted by: skyrunner | 02/13/2012

I accept the correction, which brings the number of technical problems back to 2. It does not change my opinion that the much lauded claims of the airport that the noise surcharges persuade airlines to switch to newer, quieter aircraft is false: these Air Mauritius aircraft have been the noisiest in regular service for years. It also brings me back to wishing that the airport web site would give news on problem areas (weather, strikes, ...) on its main page.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 02/13/2012

Thanks for your reply. This problem will soon be over. Air Mauritius will stop all the flights between Geneva and the Island of Mauritius in November 2011.
PS: if you go to the "Eurocontrol" website (CFMU part -> "public" operation portal), you are able to see the "problems area", at least in Europe.
Best regards.

Posted by: Skyrunner | 02/15/2012

Sorry ..... I meant November 2012 .....

Posted by: Skyrunner | 02/15/2012

I did assume that you meant 2012 :-)
I assume that you have noticed that I have corrected the blog. I may write a further one, indicating that the original one has been revised, and also giving some details of the fees (in particular the noise surcharges) that Air Mauritius has paid over the last few years, and which should have paid for the soundproofing of quite a few residences!
It is still my feeling that the airport web site should, instead of bombarding us with advertising photos, indicate what problems might exist now or in the near future!
Perhaps we should move this discussion off-line: webmaster@aragge.ch will reach me.

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 02/15/2012

Air Mauritius is the only long haul flight to far away holiday destinations amongst only a few short ones out of Geneva.Unlike Zurich have them all.Geneva is a very small airport and departure flights have been cut down dramatically after 10pm the last 15 years.Indeed during Swissair period some flights departed Geneva very late(by midnight or later if delayed) to Rio,Johannesburg,Nairobi,Bombay ect... with planes much more noisier.Geneva airport really does its upmost to meet airport neighbors wishes but those people always ask for more. Anyway MK(Air Mauritius) has just announced that Geneva will be withdrawn from its network next autumn.So your dream is fulfilled and you have to find another scapegoat to put Geneva airport down.As we are sure is your one and only goal.The French Swiss area really need an efficient airport to keep competitive advantages and good jobs.Why not moving somewhere else if you don't like it????This airport was indeed build a long time before you arrived and it is very appreciated by the great majority of people.Cheers for taking all that into account before ruining everything...

Posted by: jérôme | 02/16/2012

Lots of passion, many assertions, no facts. I normally try to find out as much as I can and then comment.
You say that Geneva airport really does its upmost to meet airport neighbors wishes but those people always ask for more: could you tell us more?

Posted by: Mike Gerard | 02/16/2012

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