Rafale/Gripen/Eurofighter ?

Supposedly, both the Rafale and the Gripen fighter planes are being offered at a discount. The arrival in Geneva of a French Air Force Falcon jet could be related!

One of the interesting checks of aircraft seen in Geneva is to look for ones owned by various armed forces of the world. Helicopters of the Swiss Air Force are relatively common, and we also have the pleasure occasionally of seeing the big US Air Force aircraft, such as when Hilary Clinton comes here. However, in the past few days there have been two interesting visitors: a Cessna C560 belonging to the US Army and a Falcon 900 of the French Air Force.

The US aircraft, with registration 99-0102, came last Tuesday morning, 7 February, but stayed only just over an hour. What was interesting was that it used the callsign DUKE58. Not sure what this signifies: I always associate the name "Duke" with John Wayne! He was actually born as Marion Robert Morrison, but picked up the nickname "Little Duke" quite young.

The French Falcon 900 arrived this morning, Thursday 9 February, using the callsign CTM0005: perfectly normal, since CTM is allocated to the French Air Force. Curiously, however, its immatriculation is F-RAFP. Probably just a coincidence, but I could not help thinking that it could be

France - RAFale Publicity.

However, one could have perhaps expected better of our neighbouring country if the aircraft had been a little more modern: F-RAFP was built in 1985!

Perhaps we should look out for the arrival of aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force!

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