easyJet to Tirana (Albania)

Yesterday an easyJet Switzerland aircraft went to Tirana, Albania. A new tourist destination, but not yet announced by either easyJet or our airport.


According to the airport web site, the easyJet Switzerland flight EZS1485 went to Tirana, Albania yesterday, whereas the schedules say that it should normally go to Pristina, Kosovo: this was not marked by the airport Web site as redirected or diverted. The aircraft then returned empty to Geneva as flight EZS9009.

As far as I can tell, this was a first for a flight from Geneva to Tirana, so the pilot will now have a new pin to put on his map of visited airports. However, I am not at all sure that the passengers expected to be going to Tirana, since the easyJet web site makes no mention of Tirana as a destination. The fact that the aircraft returned empty supports this hypothesis, and the supposition is that Pristina airport was unavailable.

On the map, it is about 180 kilometres as the crow flies between Tirana and Pristina. However, given the current extreme weather in eastern Europe, plus the road infrastructure in that region (not a lot of dual-track motorways), I do wonder what happened to those passengers who arrived in Tirana. A bus trip overnight or a hotel in Tirana, waiting for better conditions (are there Tirana-Pristina flights?)! Of course, the passengers for Pristina to Geneva would have had to wait (at least) a day!

I would probably have asked to return immediately to Geneva (on the same aircraft) and then wait for the next scheduled flight really going to Pristina!

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