Rich and poor private jets

On Thursday 26 January, two interesting private jets came to Geneva: one big Airbus 318 from the Gulf region and one Embraer Legacy 600 from Greece.

The Airbus A318 is the smallest of the Airbus A320 family, able to carry up to 132 passengers. We do not see many of them in Geneva, so I investigated this one. Its registration is VP-CCH, which indicates that it is registered in the Cayman Islands (that well-known tax haven). This registration appears to belong to Al Jaber Aviation, based in Abu Dhabi.

The web site for this company describes itself as "the new pinnacle of VIP aviation".This description is confirmed by the statement that the aircraft has only 19 seats, plus a private bedroom (suitable for the mile high club?). The company promises that it will soon have a larger aircraft: an executive version of the Airbus A319 model, of which we see very many, mostly of easyJet. One can suspect that the passenger comfort levels are quite different!

The other aircraft, which came in as the last one of the same evening (at 11h50 pm!), has the Greek registration SX-CDK and belongs to a Greek company called K2 SmartJets. Their Web site is interesting because it has an on-line reservation request form, including the possibility to choose your meals and the accompanying wines. The aircraft has been quite a frequent visitor to Geneva: prior to yesterday it was also seen last Sunday, plus several times in the past few years. Clearly, not everyone in Greece is yet poor!

Given the fact that the Davos meeting is in full swing, perhaps the passengers on both jets will be going there.

Maybe Abu Dhabi could buy the entire Greek debt!

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