How green is my airport?

After their relatively poor showing in the last elections, the Green Party needs to redefine itself. Next Monday, Yvan Rochat will say how the Green Party views Geneva airport.

For the airport neighbours association (ARAG : Association des Riverains de l'Aeroport de Genève) it has not been entirely clear how the Green Party views the activities of Geneva Airport. On the one hand, the revenues which come from the Airport, including its shopping arcades, are a significant contributor to the coffers of the canton of Geneva (and remember that David Hiler, of the Green Party, was for some time head of Geneva's finances). On the other hand, the problems of pollution, both noise and atmospheric, coming from road and air transport (both of which are increasing!), are not how the Green Party would like to see our future. The following is a quote from their Geneva environment programme for 2009-2013 :-

la mauvaise qualité de l’air et la pollution sonore (bruit) restent préoccupantes et appellent la mise en œuvre de mesures supplémentaires

However, a search for anything to do with the airport and aviation finds only a single proposition (number 54)

Protéger la population des nuisances sonores de l’aéroport.

which is nothing if not vague! As the Americans would say, it is universally a good thing, just like motherhood and apple pie.

ARAG is very happy to be able to announce that at the Annual General Meeting, to be held next Monday, 30 January, at the Ecole des Ranches in Vernier, the current president of the Green Party, Yvan Rochat, who is also one of the three administrative councillors of Vernier, has agreed to talk about the position of the Green Party relative to the airport. He will also mention the problem of land being reclassified: this can happen when airport noise exceeds certain limits.

I have absolutely no idea what he will say, so I am just as excited as (some of) you to listen to him.

Other subjects which will be mentioned are proposals to change the nighttime airport curfew, currently from half past midnight to 6 am, and aircraft trajectories which particularly affect areas of France bordering on Geneva.

All are welcome to come and listen, even speak: the agenda for the evening is HERE (with a click)

ps The title is a slight takeoff of the novel by Richard Llewellyn!



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