Geneva to Tenerife via Geneva

An aircraft making a U-turn to return to Geneva is rare but not exceptional. However, when other traffic is stopped to let it land then it is more serious than most.

This happened to the Edelweiss flight to Tenerife yesterday. The actual aircraft involved was an Airbus A320, registered as HB-IJU and belonging to Swiss International Airlines, which had flown back from Moscow in the morning. After taking off at 10.47 am, it turned around after about 30 minutes and landed at 11.50 am. The landing was made on runway 05, coming in directly from the west over Vernier against the normal flow of traffic. This meant some delays for flights waiting to take off over Vernier, plus some circling over Lausanne for flights waiting to land. I have not yet seen any reference to this misadventure in the newspapers.

Thankfully, the problems must have not been too serious, since the same aircraft took off only 45 minutes later for Tenerife. Then, after returning from Tenerife, it went back to Moscow. Not surprisingly, this last flight was rather behind schedule, taking off just after 10pm. The trajectory that it then took involved a rapid U-turn over the Satigny/St Genis regions: exactly the trajectory that the residents in that region of France wish to be suppressed both at the end of the evening and in the early morning.

Interestingly, this latter takeoff was not the last of the evening. At 10:42 pm Vernier residents had the pleasure of hearing an old (built in 1992) Boeing 767 belonging to the Ukrainian airline Aerosvit: not mentioned on the departures board so it must have been a charter. Then, at 11:35 pm, a small Israeli Challenger 604 private jet apparently belonging to an Israeli company called Jet Link: all my attempts to find any reference to this mystery company have failed.

Maybe it had brought in people for the Davos meeting, but who wished to arrive quietly somewhere far from Davos:

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