Brits weekend easyJetting to nightclubs

Last week's Sunday Times mentioned 20,000 British weekend travellers taking easyJet flights to Berlin. An easyJet advert seems to suggest that there are other nightclub places!

I mentioned this reportedly high easyJet passenger trafic to Berlin, in particular to nightclubs specifically catering for sexual pursuits, in a blog earlier this week. Then, in the Times one day this week I noticed an easyJet advert, in colour and taking up most of a page, offering Berlin and other non-ski destinations. For the price that such an advert would cost, the company must think that there is a high volume market for the flights advertised.

easyJet_advert0001 (492 x 772).jpgThe advert shows an attractive lady, who happens to look very much like Lolita Morena, gazing smilingly at the rear end of a man cycling past her. The associated text which accompanied this image then seemed somewhat suggestive: it said :-

where are you going?

(the 'A' in "MISBEHAVE" was actually printed as an upside-down 'V', for reasons which I do not understand!)

The suggested places were then listed as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Barcelona and Tallinn. The quoted price of £39.45 applied to them all, but with the proviso that it was a one-way price based upon 2 people flying, and excluded additional charges for credit card payment and baggage.

We can be sure that there is a thriving night life in Amsterdam, famous for its "ladies in windows" and its relaxed attitude to drug taking. I can well imagine that Copenhagen and Barcelona also offer thriving night life. Tallinn, however, surprised me, so I Googled "Talinn night life" and saw that the first response link was entitled

Nightlife in Tallinn Bars Clubs Pubs Strip Clubs Girlie Bars

in which the contents included the fairly explicit statement that

For a town its size, Tallinn has a suspiciously high number of bars and nightclubs.

Thus, my conclusion is that, at least for the British clientèle, easyJet knows very well where people looking for exotic night life want to go, and tries to cater for their needs.

Meanwhile the easyJet adverts in Switzerland are much more staid, emphasizing family reunions. Maybe, given the fact that on most days of the week in winter not all of the Swiss-based aircraft fly all the time, they are missing a business opportunity.

Tallinn cannot yet be reached directly from Geneva!)! Next winter, maybe, but this winter we will have to make do with the MàD!

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