One less very noisy flight

The noisiest regular flight at Geneva airport has long been a Boeing 747 cargo flight to Shanghai, proudly announced by the Airport in July 2009. Now it seems no longer operational.

The airport announcement of this flight was put out on 10 July 2009, and stated that the Boeing 747-400 ERF aircraft, operated by Jade Cargo, would carry 102 tons of freight every second week to the Chinese metropolis. It was claimed that the aircraft used was "of a new generation and therefore producing less noise and less pollution". It was also stated that "the cargo flight between Geneva and China responds to an important demand expressed by the Swiss market as well as companies established in the French neighbourhood".

Despite these fine words, it turned out that a Boeing 747 (even relatively modern), when filled up with cargo and enough fuel to get to Shanghai, makes a LOT of noise when taking off. Initially it even sometimes took off after 10 pm, but (perhaps following ARAG complaints) later moved to the morning.

After moving to one flight per week in the middle of 2010, it began to be two flights a week as from January of this year. The proud announcement of this on the airport web site, stating that it would operate on Mondays and Fridays, included the assertion that "This operation confirms the importance of Geneva in airfreight and the dynamism of the export industries of the region".

In July of this year the frequency of the flights suddenly dropped to 1 per week. Then, after a final flight on 28 September, it seems that the frequency has dropped to zero. The logical deduction from this is that there is no longer such a demand from the market around Geneva, even perhaps that the dynamism of Geneva region export industries is diminishing (because of the strong Swiss Franc?).

On the positive side, this should result in much less noise from Boeing 747 aircraft, since the remaining ones are passenger aircraft much less loaded and not normally flying such a long distance.

I have not yet noticed any announcement of this on the airport web site!


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