CO2 from Geneva to Durban

With Global Warming ever more obvious, emissions of CO2 are being discussed in Durban, South Africa, and here in Geneva. Attending the Geneva discussions is possible with a minimum of CO2 emissions!

Most of us will know that there is currently a very big conference in Durban, South Africa. It is organised by the UN and is entitled

Framework Convention on Climate Change

Clearly, one of the main subjects will be the possible consequences to the climate EVERYWHERE if we continue to pump out carbon dioxide at an ever-increasing rate. A particular subject will be the emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport. Unfortunately, the current economic crisis is threatening to derail the best efforts of those scientists who predict the consequences of keeping burning such fuel.

Here in Geneva there are people and associations who are also concerned by the same subject, and who try to bring facts to the notice of the public and then ask awkward questions. Although we might feel that we are unimportant in our own contribution to the problem, they are trying to get us to realise that our own life style may be that to which very large nations with developing economies aspire. Thus, they try to make us aware of, and willing to change, this life style.

One of these organisations is Noé21: an acronym for New Economic Orientation for the 21st Century (the acronym actually comes from the French title Nouvelle Orientation Economique pour le 20ème siècle). To quote its description of itself

Noé21 is an independent association founded in 2003 and based in Geneva, whose mission is to identify, evaluate and promote solutions to climate change, with a constructive approach.

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30 November, and also on Thursday 8 December, the Association is hosting Climate Coffee discussions on the subject of the increasing number of flights at Geneva airport: what are the consequences and possible solutions to environmental problems from them. These discussions are open to everyone: they are scheduled for between 6pm and 8pm in places where coffee (and much more) is available. The details of these meetings are :-

Wednesday 30 November, Auberge de la Mairie, 13 rue du Village, 1214 Vernier

Thursday 8 December, café Gavroche, 4 Blvd James-Fazy, 1201 Geneva.

Hope to see you there, and remember that both places serve nice meals in the case that you are hungry afterwards!


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