A Summit in Azerbaijan

Two visits by aircraft from Azerbaijan, with one of the two being a big and very new Boeing 767-300, might be related to a Summit just held there.

Just like London buses: you wait for ages and then two come along at the same time. This happened yesterday, 3 November, when a small Gulfstream 5 private jet arrived at 2h40 pm, followed just under 2 hours later by a Boeing 767 of Azerbaijan Airlines. Both then left just before 6pm.

The Gulfstream 5 jet belongs to an airline called SW Business Aviation, based in BAKU. It appears to operate both private passenger flights and cargo flights. Its Web site suggests that it is re-opening up cargo routes from Baku to all over the world, including Western Europe (Milan, Luxembourg and Hahn). Its aircraft are mainly Russian Ilyushin and Antonov models, but it does have two Boeing 767-400 aircraft.

The new (built in 2010) Boeing 767-300 aircraft which came here belongs to the state aviation company, Azerbaijan Airlines, and operated with the flight codes of the airline (AHY6731 to Geneva, AHY6732 from Geneva). However, these flight codes did not appear on the Geneva Airport flight list, and there does not seem to be any regular flight to and from Geneva of that airline. It is a good guess, however, that it came from Baku.

After a bit of digging, I came up with a possible reason for the flights. For 3 days from 30 October Baku has hosted the fourth international Caspian Air Cargo Summit. There is a claim that this Summit has been attended by representatives of big airports and world cargo companies. I might have missed it, but I did not see Switzerland represented in any way.

Which still leaves the mystery of why the two flights on the same day!

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What a mess!

Posted by: Patoucha | 11/06/2011

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