easyJet: a complaints channel?

When an easyJet Switzerland flight operates very late, perhaps we need to contact the Managing Director and CEO, since he may be an official British Consular Warden in Geneva.

Sometimes things do not go as planned for passengers on easyJet flights. For instance, last night, 2 November, the passengers on the late afternoon flight to London Gatwick had to wait for an incoming flight from Gatwick by a UK plane. Somewhat surprising, since there were two idle easyJet Switzerland aircraft in Geneva at the time. Be that as it may, the flight left Geneva over 4 hours late, which means that the passengers have a right to claim compensation. Maybe they might decide to contact the easyJet Switzerland top authority (the CEO).

The CEO is called Jean-Marc Thévenaz, and his Facebook site indicates that he has been the Managing Director & CEO of easyJet Switzerland since April 1999. He was highly visible back in the disastrous (for easyJet) summer of 2010, but since then he appears to have dropped off the radar (I can find no recent reference to him in the Web site of this paper).

Mr Thévenaz is also a member of the Airport consultative commission for aircraft nuisances (CCLNTA : Commission Consultative pour la Lutte contre les Nuisances dues au Trafic Aérien, recently renamed as the Environment Commission): he was appointed by the Geneva authorities as a representative for all professional pilots. Although he does actually qualify for this rôle, it is slightly difficult for me to believe that he chats frequently with other pilots in a peer-to-peer manner. In practice this has not mattered too much, since he appears to have been excused from CCLNTA meetings for over a year now.

On consulting the web site of the British Residents' Association of Switzerland, I now discover that the British Embassy has undergone a restructuring (we can no longer get our new passports in this country!). One result of this is that they have appointed a new network of three Consular Wardens (one for each of the language regions of Switzerland). These persons, although not officially recognised by the Swiss authorities as consular agents, will provide the Embassy with assistance and advice in the event of emergencies or unusual events affecting British citizens.

The named agent for the Geneva region is Jean-Marc Thévenaz.

Now, it could be that there are actually two people with this name, but this seems somewhat unlikely. Thus, I have to suppose that this is one and the same person (maybe this is why he has been unable to be present at CCLNTA meetings). Of course, this could represent a conflict of interest if an unusual event affecting a British citizen involves his airline employer!

It must be hard to have so many activities all at the same time!

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