Two polar flights evoke questions

Seen in a BBC TV series about the North and South poles, two fascinating flights should make us ask ourselves whether we can protect our planet and the future of our descendants.

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An Africa VIP connection

A jet from Ghana is a rare occurrence. When it is a small private jet, with an unknown owner, it is escpecially interesting, and was photographed yesterday.

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Egypt: Flight and flights

In post-Mubarak Egypt there are mixed signals. Hope, with a new low-cost airline between there and Geneva, but also despair, with some citizens taking flight because of religious persecution.

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Delayed flights : compensation

The European Court of Justice made a decision relative to Spanish passengers on an Air France flight which turned around. The decision allows for compensation for badly delayed flights.

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Aruba has lots of aircraft!

Aruba is an island, just north of Venezuela, which has very many aircraft registered in it. One particular one, a Boeing 737 belonging to the Kazakhstan Government, is a frequent visitor to Geneva.

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A Kazakhstan Government visitor

Yesterday, 16 October, a Boeing 757 of the Berkut State Air Company of Kazakhstan, believed to be operated by their Government, landed in Geneva. In January it was seen in Zurich at the time of the World Economic Forum.

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Helicopter surveillance in France

Since mid-August there have been many flights by unidentified French aircraft using the callsign DRAG74. They are most probably state helicopters surveying the Haute Savoie (department 74).

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Another embarrassing day for easyJet Switzerland

Yesterday, Thursday 13 October, a lot of passengers on easyJet flights had hours of delays. The reason, as usual: no spare aircraft in Switzerland.

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Sir Richard Branson's new green aviation fuel

Sir Richard Branson has disclosed a new project to make jet fuel from the waste gases from steel mills, saying that

"This could turn aviation from a dirty industry to one of the cleanest".

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A Royal flight with a TAG!

Yesterday, 8 October, an outgoing flight from Geneva airport used the callsign KRH691R. The 3-letter code KRH usually denotes a UK Royal flight in a civilian aircraft.

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Vocalion: Company or Organ?

The most frequent Isle of Man private jet to come to Geneva these past few weeks is owned by a UK company called Vocalion Limited. Any connection with a Vocalion organ?

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Close your bedroom windows!

Last Saturday there were many reactions to an article in this newspaper on noise in Geneva. Two Vernier residents were particularly annoyed by airport noise.

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An Iberia biofuel test flight

Last Monday, 4 October, Spain's Iberia airline flew an aircraft from Madrid to Barcelona using partly bio-kerosene. The future or just a publicity exercise?

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Aircraft or rail?

The green Party is saying that the Confederation should finance a third railway track between Geneva and Lausanne, rather than spending lots on new military jet aircraft.

20111003_verts 014.JPG

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Two flying Swiss

IMG_0737[1].JPGOn the tenth anniversary of the Grounding of Swissair we can all celebrate two flying Swiss: the airline of that name and the runner who has just won the Morat-Fribourg race.

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